Typical Metals Used For Forging

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Simple and complex metal parts are found in various industries around the globe. From complex aerospace assemblies to simple garden tools used to beautify our lawns, numerous metal products are created using a metal forging process that makes the materials strong and durable enough for the task at hand. Typical metals used in the forging […]

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Differences Between Hot and Cold Forging Processes

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Forging changes a metal workpiece through compression at either cold, warm, or hot temperatures. Cold forging improves the strength of the metal by hardening it at room temperature. Hot forging results in optimal yield strength, low hardness, and high ductility by hardening the metal at extremely high temperatures. Whether to use hot or cold forging […]

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Understanding the Different Forging Processes

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Forging is a manufacturing process that uses compressive forces to form metal into the desired shapes and sizes. Industry professionals employ a variety of different forging techniques—depending on the material and the product being forged—each of which carries its own advantages and best uses. The following blog provides an overview of the different types of […]