Firearms & Defense

Forging methods have been used to shape firearms and defense equipment for millennia. Today’s forging solutions build on that history, producing the reliable, durable parts and products needed to meet modern firearms and defense applications. From individual firearm and ammunition parts to weaponry system components, Cornell Forge has the facilities and experience to supply high-quality, precision firearm and defense forgings to meet a wide range of customer specifications in this industry.

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Firearms and Defense

Firearms and Defense Products Explained

Parts and components for the firearms and defense industries must be made with high precision and quality, due to the critical nature of their application. They must be able to perform well under prolonged use in challenging conditions while keeping people around the products safe. Stainless steel forging is an ideal manufacturing solution to achieve these qualities.

Impression die forging presses a heated metal billet between two dies, molding the workpiece into the desired shape. Unlike casting or machining, forging processes maintain a metal’s grain flow and minimize voids, making forging highly effective at improving strength and resistance to impacts and fatigue. Dies used in forging offer high precision and maintain tight tolerances with consistency over long production runs, even when parts have intricate or complex geometries.

Stainless steel die forgings feature excellent corrosion resistance and strength, ideal properties for firearms and related defense equipment parts that must meet stringent safety and performance requirements. Specific products include ammunition, missile parts, gun barrels, and components for defense vehicles, such as drivetrain, steering, and suspension systems.


Forging supports part fabrication for every branch of the military. Our forging processes can meet the strict Mil-Spec standards governing the production of firearm, missile, ammunition, and defense vehicle components. We can also forge components for recreational firearm products.

Types of Firearms & Defense Forged Products

Our facilities and skilled team offer capabilities to produce high-quality, precision-forged products for military, defense, and firearm applications. Examples of the types of products we produce include:

  • Firearm parts: frames, bodies, bolts, slides, carriers, blocks, receivers, sights, bushings, gas tubes, plates, pistol barrels, pistol rod extensions, and levers
  • Military and armored vehicle components: hinges, wheel hubs, latches, and suspension components
  • Components for weapons systems: missile guidance, grenade launchers, tanks, and trunnions
  • Other defense and firearm components: shell casings, nose cones, gyroscope elements, tripods and bipods, and actuators

Firearm and Defense Components From Cornell Forge

At Cornell Forge, we have over 90 years of experience forging complex parts with the precision and quality our customers require. Our extensive in-house capabilities—which include microalloy forging, forged truck parts, custom steel forging, and more—support our goals of exceeding customer expectations for quality, cost, and turnaround time. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is backed by our ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

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