For more than 90 years, Cornell Forge has lead the forging industry in creating high-quality metal products. Recently, one of our top clients approached us with a problem they were having with their near-net forged pinions.

The client wanted to create products that had less material to reduce machine time. Their previous pinions allowed 3–5° of draft, but they thought we could do better. Working with their engineering team, we were able to finalize a design that held to 1° max draft.

Background of the Project

This client approached us because they knew our experienced design team would work closely with them to create a product that exceeded their expectations. With them, we launched 14 new parts in six months, and we visited their facility weekly to ensure that they were successfully incorporating our parts into their finished products.

Product Specifications and Information

Working with this client, we were able to achieve production volumes of over 500,000 parts per year. We delivered their first order within 8 weeks of their initial request, and we’ve been on time ever since.

The forged pinions achieved draft tolerances of 1° or less, greatly increasing the efficiency of their finished products. By working with Cornell, this client was able to create a wide range of efficient products for many different industries, boosting their profit margin without causing them any extra headaches.

Quality Forging at Cornell Forge

At Cornell Forge, we produce a wide range of custom pinions, sprockets, casts, and other forged products for industries across America. With more than 90 years of experience, we’ve cemented our reputation as a leading metal forger, and our experienced design and engineering teams actively seek new challenges every day.

If you would like to learn more about some of our forging solutions, contact us and request a free quote today.