recreation A client came to us with a problem regarding their four-passenger off-highway ATV, which would crack in the middle when the buggy’s weight shifted from two to four passengers. We needed to redesign these midsection control arms and convert them from investment-casted materials to high-strength forged components to improve durability, strength, and support.

Working with our client’s engineering team, here’s how we solved this issue with speed, efficiency, and best-in-class engineering.

Background of the Project

This client needed a full-service solution that required us to design, build, and install the new control arms. Our design engineer worked on-site with the client’s engineering experts to create a finalized product blueprint that would improve control arm strength without compromising space, control, or weight requirements.

This project was unique in that the control arm required the strength of forging but needed the flexibility and low weight to keep the off-road ATV’s performance at peak levels. Our client trusted us to deliver a remarkable solution at high volume within a short timeframe.

After finalizing the design, we built and delivered a durable and cost-effective unit in 12 weeks, achieving a production volume of 10,000 EAU.

Project Specs and Information

To improve the strength of the control arms, we needed to convert them from investment-casted to strength-forged materials. Typically, strength-forged materials are much heavier and stronger than those produced by investment casting, so we needed to deep draw cavities in the units to reduce weight while still ensuring that they could withstand a four-passenger load with ease. We also had to create them with tight tolerances (±0.080) to guarantee that all 10,000 units could offer high-quality performance.

We forged and machined each unit in-house, shipping ready-to-assemble components to our client’s doorstep. We met all quality specifications, and we designed, forged, and delivered the end product in a three-month timeframe to the client’s factory in northern Minnesota.

Quality Forging at Cornell Forge

This project showcases the type of collaborative work our clients have come to expect from us. Unique situations require unique solutions.

We helped our client design a product that could perform under extreme conditions without weighing it down with excess materials. This allowed the client to continue producing high-quality ATVs without risking control arm failure. Since this project, the client has had a 0% failure rate with their control arms, and they continue to deliver superior products to their customers.

At Cornell Forge, we understand that every unit, job, and situation is unique, and our clients expect us to come up with robust, full-service solutions that they can use to create top-quality products.

If you would like to learn more about how we can collaborate on your next product, contact us today.