A client came to us saying that their old fabrication design was causing their hubs to break. They wanted us to find a way to change their multipiece fabrication conversion to forged materials.

For this project, we used solid modeling and forging design simulation to create a new, one-piece forged sprocket. This project allowed us to capitalize on our more than nine decades of experience of reducing machining times for customers, eliminating costly production steps, minimizing waste, and delivering stronger, more reliable, and more affordable products.

Background of the Project

This project demonstrates how we combine multiple pieces into a single product. Our forging abilities helped the customer reduce each individual piece’s cycle time by five minutes, which translated into hundreds of hours in time savings. We also reduced each product’s cost while increasing its strength.

Project Specifics and Information

We completed this project on time and with no major difficulties. The customer’s previous design experienced multiple field failures, but our new design reduced warranty claims to 0.

We built this product with tolerances of ±0.030”. We performed rigorous, thorough testing on the vehicles’ life cycles to ensure their transmissions would not fail. We achieved a turnaround time of eight weeks, delivering new hubs to northern Minnesota. Our manufacturing plants allow us to maintain a volume of 60,000 units annually.


We can forge carbon/alloy steel up to 100#s, stainless steel up to 30#s, and titanium up to 10#s.  We have the versatility to forge products in our forge hammers and presses, up to 4000T.

Excellent Forging at Cornell Forge

Cornell Forge has proudly operated from its Chicago location for over 90 years as a family-owned business. We still produce parts for customers we acquired in 1930. Our team brings generations of experience to deliver quality, value, and innovative solutions each time a customer approaches us with a problem.

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