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Forged Construction & Land-Clearing Parts

Forestry mulchers help construction operators quickly clear away trees, vines, and shrubs, efficiently reducing them to mulch. Mulching machines can process the vegetation where it stands, eliminating the need for additional preparation and cleanup. Because forestry mulchers are subject to very rigorous conditions and heavy loads, the grinding machines require robust forged components.

Using forged parts can prevent unexpected equipment downtime and malfunctions. Learn more about the fabrication and forging processes Cornell Forge uses to create reliable parts for forestry and construction equipment.

Forestry Parts Fabrication & Forging Process

Our manufacturing teams specialize in hot forging metal manufacturing processes. We use time-tested hot forging processes and innovate these methods so our clients benefit from the added efficiencies, strengths, and capabilities of modern hot-forged components.

Hot forging is a metal-forming process that changes the metal’s shape while it is in a solid state. The metal is heated to a certain temperature, and the operator performs any combination of pressing, rolling, and/or hammering techniques. The hot forging process involves a press/hammer machine, a die, and an adjustment mechanism.

The tooling design of a forging project is crucial to producing parts with optimal strength, grain flow, and use of material. Well-forged components fit into complex mulching machinery and can effectively rip through trees and vegetation. Compared to other metalworking processes, the hot forging process is more efficient and much less likely to create defective components.

Types of Fabricated & Forged Forestry Parts

At Cornell Forge, we can develop and fabricate a wide range of forestry components for standard and custom orders. Our four most popular components are counter knives, counter knife holders, stump grinders, and PTO shafts.

  • Counter Knives/Shredder Blades: Forestry mulchers and shredding machines must have extremely durable, strong, and aligned knives that perform the cutting and ripping action. We fabricate shredder blades from a high-quality steel alloy through our hot forging techniques. As a result, the blades can cut through natural materials like wood from trees as well as synthetic waste like film, plastics, circuit boards, and tires.
  • Counter Knife Holders: The counter knife holders, which hold the blades in a specific alignment, are just as important as the blades themselves. Our knife holders are durable, keep the knives in the right position, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Stump Grinders: Stump grinders feature a rotating blade that grinds down on or “chews” tree stumps until the wood is level with the ground.
  • PTO Shafts: Power take-off (PTO) shafts, or stub shafts, connect the tractor to the machine being driven by the tractor via a drive shaft. These PTO shafts must be extremely strong and resistant to tearing or distortion from torque.

Quality Forged Forestry Parts by Cornell Forge

Due to the rigors of grinding and mulching applications, planers and land-clearing/construction equipment must use robust forged parts. Choose high-quality forestry parts forged by the experts at Cornell Forge. Request a quote to discuss your needs or place your order.